Shop ∙ Pay ∙ Reward

A sleek and seamless one stop platform. Pay your utility bills, shopping, prepaid top up and others online!

Replacing complexity with simplicity

2 Minutes registration

Sign up from your phone with just a selfie with your IC, a photo of your IC and some information. No paperwork.

Simple payments

Sending and receiving payments has never been this easy. Now you can move your money within seconds.

100% transparency

We promise to always be upfront with our customers. No unfair rates, no hidden. Ever.

Security you can trust

Serious protection

We protect your funds and sensitive personal data with encryption in flight and at rest.

Biometric or facial ID access

Use fingerprint or facial ID for quick and easy access to your account information.

Fraud detection

We have implemented best in class fraud detection systems to keep your money safe.

Complete control of your money

In app card controls

Misplaced your card? Freeze it. Want to shop online? Activate international payments with one tap.

Numberless card

To reduce fraud risk, your card number is only visible securely in your app. It’s not printed on your card.

MAI shopping card

You shouldn’t be restricted to only using one card at a time, especially when it offers so many benefits. You can manage your shopping and finances with MAI App using both physical and virtual cards. It's simple, easy to use, and works flawlessly.

Shopping with no fees

MAI Debit Card goes where you go, and brings your MAI balance along. Pay and earn rewards from some of your favourite stores right to your account.

Spend at some of your favourite food spots and retail shops, and automatically earn rewards with zero fees.

One stop app

We live in this growing age of mobile revolution. There’s an app for everything – Ewallet, paying bills and services, shopping, trip planner, tourist and local directory — satisfying every human need. MAI App have made everything just a tap away for you and made everyone’s life seamless with entertainment, navigation and importantly connectivity.

Quick and easy creation

You might be thinking that it's the same as any other account creation... Long, exhausting, and full of blanks to fill in. No, it isn't.

We designed the entire process to be the simplest and shortest ever imagined for a personal account. Try it for yourself by downloading the app!

Who we are

PROLIFIC ADVANCE SDN BHD is a trusted electronic payment gateway system company that specializes in providing one-stop financial management services. Our gateway system is supported by Artificial Intelligent with zero-mistake for each transaction. We always put effort on the security of system to protect the personal financial data of user. We provide simple interface of system to ensure maximization user experiences.